As an organization evolves, its culture, performance, agreements, shared beliefs, and processes will change over time.  This evolution is a natural process as the business ages; however, it is important to ensure that the changes that are occurring improve the organization’s effectiveness rather than detract from it. 

Organizations that proactively assess their development and implement initiatives that support their strategic infrastructure (mission, objectives, tools, structure, resources, and systems) achieve the highest level of performance.  Services offered in this practice area assist clients to complete the assessments and develop the initiatives that ensure continued organizational effectiveness.



  • Cultural Assessment

  • Employee Surveys and Human Capital Assessments

  • HR Strategic Planning 

  • HR Project Management

  • Job Design and Implementation 

  • Merger and Acquisition Support

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Succession Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Work Process Assessment and Documentation

  • Work Force Planning